Instant Video Support. Any Device. Any Time.

Tethr It is the fastest time to video connection with your customers. Instantly be able to connect with your customers by sending an SMS or email link. In addition, Tethr It can be set up to receive inbound visual calls.

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Video Calling

Tethr It is a remote visual support solution. All calls are on a cloud-based video calling systems. Enable customers to show you the problem rather than tell you.

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Web-Based Platform

Tethr It is a web-based visual support solution and works on all devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. No app is ever needed by the customer or support specialist.

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AR Annotation & Live Pointer

The customer support or product support specialist can draw on-screen allowing for better collaboration with the end-user.

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Inbound Call Rolling & Skills Routing

Create your own calling trees to route inbound calls to support specialists with particular skill sets. If a specialist is busy, setup call rolling for the next available support specialist.

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Multi-Party Conference Calling

Connect with multiple customer support and product support specialists when solving a customer issue.

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Call Recording

Record and access historical support call data for staff training and best-practice sharing.

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SDK & API Integration

Tethr It had direct connections and marketplace apps for Salesforce, Genesys, and CDK Global. Contact our team for SDK or API integration with your software or application.

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ERP & CRM Integration

Tethr It integrates with most ERPs and CRMs. Contact our team to learn more about our integration capabilities.

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Take and Save Photos

Capture photos and save them to the call log for reference.

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Optimized Streaming Quality

Don’t fear for a bad connection. Tethr It automatically optimizes video resolution so you don’t have to worry about a broken conversation or the inability to see clearly.

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Content & Media Sharing

Support specialists can share their screen with the user, providing specific information needed to fix the issue, in the form of video, documents, photos, or website links.

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Call Scheduler

Enable users to set appointments with a support specialist for dedicated support built around the customer’s schedule.

Geolocate Icon

Capture the GPS location of the caller for easier dispatching if a field support specialist is required.

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Hands-Free Device Compatible

Tethr It is compatible with select hands-free smart glasses to maximize safety and efficiency for organizations that want to utilize Tethr It for field training and extending field technician careers.

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