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Alert IconProblem 1:

Service and repair costs for marine engines pile up quickly because of towing and scheduling service which leads to vessel downtime.


Tethr It allows marine engine service technicians to connect with vessels as soon as an issue arises. Video calling enables the service technicians to see, hear, troubleshoot, and accurately diagnose the issue in a fraction of the time, compared to phone calls and SMS text.

In some situations, solving the issue to avoid towing costs and vessel downtime.

Alert IconProblem 2:

First time fix rate is below optimal because technicians need to be dispatched to identify and isolate an issue on the vessel. Only to send another truck with the proper equipment to solve the issue at a later date.


Tethr It enables vessels to connect with experts without dispatching a technician. Through two-way annotation, seeing, hearing, and troubleshooting the issue – technicians are able to properly diagnose the issue which improves the customer experience, reduces truck rolls, decreases downtime, saves money for the customer, and enables opportunity for the dealer to generate more revenue by servicing more vessel engines.

FEATURES our customer finds most useful in solving their problems.

  • Video calling allows technicians to immediately see, hear and troubleshoot the issue.
  • Two-way annotation for identification of an issue.
  • Recording the call and photography of the issue is delivered by email for technician use if dispatch is needed.
  • Instant photo sharing within the application.

Manufacturers Choosing to Tethr It.